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Sled Dogs - DND mini - EC3D Wintertide, Winter Miniature | Animal | Cold | 32mm | Snow | Arctic | Pathfinder | Wolf

Original price $12.80 - Original price $20.73
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$12.80 - $20.73
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⚔️ A set of 3 individual sled dogs, and a complete harnessed team.

You can order either the complete sled team which comes as one piece, the group of 3 individual dogs, or the whole bundle!

The Sled Dog Team is 4 miniatures printed onto one 1" x 3" base. Each individual dog is printed onto its own 1" base.

📐Based around heroic 28mm scale.

💧Printed in a durable resin, these miniatures are cleaned cured and ready for the tabletop, or for your paint station!

🎨These miniatures come unpainted.

📷 You may notice that some of our items for sale use renders instead of real printed items in the pictures. We try to replace the images with real photographs as the items sell. There is a huge amount of varied and fun terrain being produced daily, more than anyone could physically print! We want to get these items available to you asap so you can have the newest amazing pieces on your tabletop as fast as possible. You can check some of our other listings to see print quality!

🧾 Officially Licensed to sell EC3D miniatures via their MyMiniFactory at

⚠️Warning: Choking Hazard – Small Parts. This product is not suitable for children under three (3) years old.

Customer Reviews

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I got two sets of these dogs since I'm run...

I got two sets of these dogs since I'm running Rime of the Frostmaiden and I expect my players to get sleds and sled dogs at some point. These minis are the perfect size and very cute. I painted them up different colors since my players will for sure give each dog its own unique name lol. Got these as part of a bigger order and these dogs were very well protected in the package! Would definitely recommend this shop.