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Skeletons set 1

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🦴A spooky pack of skeletons ready to burst out of the catacombs and graveyards to do their evil masters bidding!

This is a set of 8 unique resin miniature skeletons, perfect for games such as Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder!

📏These miniatures are scaled for 28mm and 32mm games such as DnD, Pathfinder and other TTRPGs.

💪All are printed in a tough ABS like resin, resistant to damage and drops. Toss them in your bag to take to your next Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or whatever TTRPG you enjoy!

🖌At the moment all items are shipped unpainted unless specified. These are printed in a grey resin, ready to prime and paint yourself!

Prices are based off of size of the model, amount of resin used, print time, and amount of time needed to clean and cure the model after. Orders of packs of mini's will be cheaper, as we can print more at once, reducing the time needed.

If you find a model you adore and want a bigger print for collecting/painting, please let me know and we can determine the perfect size for your use and get a custom listing made just for you!

🛠Assembly of models sometimes requires glue and minor sanding and filling. We will do our absolute best to clean the models and make it as easy as possible to assemble. Resin models print with a lot of support structure, so there should be the expectation that there will be minor abrasions, support marks, gaps etc, that may be present when assembling the models that would have to be filled if desired.

STL Files designed by Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games
Original .stl files of this model can be purchased from

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Fabulous skeletons with tons of personalit...

Fabulous skeletons with tons of personality! All unique and fun.

A tad delayed shipping but with good commu...

A tad delayed shipping but with good communication from the seller. My tabletop group and I were excited to unwrap the minis. Can't wait to play with them!

Good quality. Shipping was standard and pr...

Good quality. Shipping was standard and production/handling time was within the timeframe listed in the description. I would recommend this shop and will likely reorder.

Parfait pour le prix. Et ils ne sont pas t...

Parfait pour le prix. Et ils ne sont pas trop fragile. Très content.

Every fantasy TTRPG needs a group of skele...

Every fantasy TTRPG needs a group of skeletons right? These came out great. Plan on using these for Dnd 5e, Mork Borg, and Forbidden Psalm.