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Sci-fi Scenery - Galactic Council - EC3D Design, Infinity, Legion, Sci-fi, Cyberpunk, Starfinder, ttrpg, chamber, traveller, senate meeting

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$76.95 - $85.52
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Orchestrate your space opera with style with our 28/32mm scale Sci-Fi Futuristic Galactic Council Set! This expansive assembly is overflowing with components for you to tailor-make your own intergalactic senate or council chamber scenes for the most immersive tabletop role-playing experience.

28mm mini shown in final image for scale.

This stellar set includes:

9 Modular components (backdrop, dais, columns, and a lectern) that let you customize your council layout to your heart's content.

2 Defense Turrets, because even in the future, security is a priority.

2 Statues to inject a touch of grandeur

A Monitor for that crucial intel during council deliberations.

4 Plant Decor pieces to lend a calming touch of green to your cosmic council.

A captivating Holo Galaxy Map - a must-have for any self-respecting interstellar governing body!

And finally, 2 Floating Councilmen Seating Boxes to seat your esteemed council members. They'll have the best view in the house - or in this case, the galaxy!

Whether you're hosting an important interstellar policy debate or conducting an emergency council meeting in response to an alien invasion, this set has got your back. Perfect for any futuristic tabletop gaming, particularly those with a diplomatic or political twist! Bring the gravity of the galaxy to your gaming table with our Sci-Fi Futuristic Galactic Council Set.

This set is perfect for scifi tabletop games such as Shadowrun, Traveller, Starfinder, Twilight Imperium etc.

πŸ”The Scale of this building is for 28mm - 32mm miniatures. Any miniatures pictured are only shown for scale and are not included.

These are unpainted and ship printed in grey or white.

πŸ–¨These are printed using PLA (polylactic acid) which is a renewable resource created from corn and sugar cane. They are printed by layering the plastic over and over, at heights of 0.2mm per layer. This will provide a lot of detail, though on close inspection some layer lines will be visible. A light sanding and priming/painting usually hides them very well.

πŸ–¨3D printing can be a lengthy process, so although we do try and keep some in stock, some parts will still need to be printed and this can take some time depending on order size. We will notify you if there is any delay in shipping.

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