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Sci-fi Scenery - Engine Room - EC3D Design, Infinity, Legion, Scifi, Cyberpunk, Starfinder, ttrpg terrain, traveller, starship, spaceship

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$16.20 - $20.48
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πŸš€ Sci-Fi Futuristic Spaceship/Base Engine Room Miniature Set - 28/32mm Scale πŸš€

Rev up your role-playing adventures or tabletop war games with our meticulously crafted Sci-Fi Futuristic Spaceship/Base Engine Room Miniature Set. Rendered in the universally-accepted 28/32mm scale, this set brings an unmistakable cosmic touch to your gaming universe!

The Spaceship/Base Engine Room Set is a treasure trove of essential space-mission items, all steeped in sci-fi aesthetics:

🌌 An intricate air filtration machine - a critical component for life support in the vast emptiness of space.
🌌 A versatile gravity cart complete with tools and canisters - a must-have for any repair work or unexpected breaches!
🌌 Two plasma engines - because what's a spaceship without its thrust power?
🌌 A sturdy power generator - to keep the lights on and the systems humming.

This miniatures set will immerse you in a futuristic realm of technology, enhancing your role-playing or gaming scenarios with its strikingly detailed elements. Perfect for sci-fi RPGs, tabletop games, or as an addition to your growing collection of miniatures.

Comes printed in grey or white PLA.

Ready to power up your adventures? Add this set to your cart today and embark on a thrilling journey through the cosmos! 🌠
Please note: These are provided unpainted printed in grey or white PLA.

This set is perfect for scifi tabletop games such as Shadowrun, Traveller, Starfinder, Twilight Imperium etc.

πŸ”The Scale of this building is for 28mm - 32mm miniatures. Any miniatures pictured are only shown for scale and are not included.

These are unpainted and ship printed in grey or white.

πŸ–¨These are printed using PLA (polylactic acid) which is a renewable resource created from corn and sugar cane. They are printed by layering the plastic over and over, at heights of 0.16 mm per layer. This will provide a lot of detail, though on close inspection some layer lines will be visible. A light sanding and priming/painting usually hides them very well.

πŸ–¨3D printing can be a lengthy process, so although we do try and keep some in stock, some parts will still need to be printed and this can take some time depending on order size. We will notify you if there is any delay in shipping.

Officially Licensed to sell EC3D miniatures via their MyMiniFactory at

Customer Reviews

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Awesome to deal with a Canadian company!

Awesome to deal with a Canadian company!

Minis were well-made, detailed and solid....

Minis were well-made, detailed and solid. Seller shipped them quickly and packaged them securely.

These are absolutely AWESOME! They are ex...

These are absolutely AWESOME! They are exactly as pictured, printed perfectly, and an incredible price. Everything was packed very carefully. Jared was so great to work with as well. These are really sturdy pieces so would be great for your tabletop scatter. I will be using them in 1:48 miniature scenes and they are perfect for that as well.

The quality of the item + The item matched...

The quality of the item +
The item matched the description +
The item met expectations +

These printed quite big and I really like...

These printed quite big and I really like the size. Also very light weight and will be fun for legion.