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MAGNETIC Dungeon Tiles Encounter - The Altar | Painted Tabletop Terrain | Dungeons And Dragons, D&D, Pathfinder, Wargaming, Dragonlock DnD

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Introducing the Altar of Anguish, a set of dungeon tiles arranged to create an epic encounter for your party. Compatible with Dungeons and Dragons (DnD), Pathfinder, and other TTRPGs, this comes pre-painted and ready for play as soon as your order arrives. Perfect for that big boss encounter you've been planning!

🧲 These tiles utilize an internal magnet system with 3x4mm cylinder magnets, allowing for flush joining of the tiles together without clips! With this system, the clip holes are still available to use, so you can have both a magnetic and clip connection on the same tile, for moving large rooms as one piece, or doing multiple vertical levels of a room or building, or even bridges!

This set contains:

8 - 2x2 Painted Alcove Walls
4 - 2x2 Painted Corner Tiles
2 - 2x2 Painted Angled Wall Corners
6 - 2x2 Painted Floor Tiles
1 - 4x4 Large Painted Altar Tile, With detachable painted altar
2 - 2x2 Painted Offset Doors
1 - 4x2 Painted Large Ornate Doorway

All tiles come assembled with and include some easy to insert and remove clip connectors in the side, allowing you to pre-build the entire encounter set and place it as once piece on your tabletop, even when choosing the magnetic option.

The Scale of these tiles is 1", based around the common sized of miniatures used in games such as D&D and Pathfinder.

These tiles will work with all other Fat Dragon Games ( dungeon tiles and connectors.

These are printed using PLA (polylactic acid) which is a renewable resource created from corn and sugar cane. They are printed by layering the plastic over and over, at heights of 0.2mm per layer. This will provide a lot of detail, though on close inspection some layer lines will be visible. A light sanding and priming/painting usually hides them very well.

3D printing can be a lengthy process, so although we do try and keep some in stock, some parts will still need to be printed and this can take some time depending on order size. We will notify you if there is any delay in shipping.

STL Files designed by Tom Tullis of Fat Dragon Games
Original .stl files of this model can be purchased from

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Breitenberg
A fantastic way to begin collecting modula...

A fantastic way to begin collecting modular terrainβ€”great print & a wonderfully personable & responsive creator

Michael Schneider
The set is quite easy to rearrange in diff...

The set is quite easy to rearrange in different configurations and the magnetics work very well for quick assemble.