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MAGNETIC Dungeon Tiles - Dragon's Rest Kits and Expansions - 1.5" Scale - Perfect to get you started - Modular Terrain

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Original price
$78.57 - $319.00
Current price $212.85

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🪓Looking to start or grow your collection of tabletop terrain with a pre-arranged set of tiles?

Look no further than this listing for a huge starting set of tiles, either magnetic or clip based.

📎 vs. 🧲: The clip option is more sturdy, you can move and pick up entire rooms and they will stay together. The magnetic option allows you to quickly and easily reshuffle pieces and rooms around to build things on the fly, allowing more flexibility and quicker changes.

Starter Kit Contains:
25 floor squares
25 floor wall squares
25 wall pieces
10 floor corner squares
10 corner walls
1 double door
2 single door
2 crumbling half walls

Room Expansion Contains:
10 floor squares
7 floor wall tiles
4 corner walls
5 wall pieces
2 window pieces
4 floor corner tiles
1 double door
1 single door

🔍The Scale of these tiles is a luxurious 1.5", based around the common sized of miniatures used in games such as D&D and Pathfinder, while also allowing for more space in corners and against walls.

🔒These tiles will work with all other Dragon's Rest ( dungeon tiles and connectors. Multiple basic connectors will be provided with a purchase of multiple tiles. These provide a strong connection between tiles, allowing them to be shifted around and moved as one piece.

🧲If you are looking for much quicker assembly and flexibility with your dungeon layouts, we highly recommend the Magnetic option. Tiles will snap together and apart quickly allowing quick changes to your layouts.

🐱‍🏍If you're looking for a starting set or some pre-arranged rooms for your tabletop, we also have those as well in our shop. We will also offer different styles of wall such as rough stone or cave styles if you're looking for a different feel. Please check back regularly!

🎨These are printed in grey PLA.

🖨These are printed using PLA (polylactic acid) which is a renewable resource created from corn and sugar cane. They are printed by layering the plastic over and over, at heights of 0.2mm per layer. This will provide a lot of detail, though on close inspection some layer lines will be visible. A light sanding and priming/painting usually hides them very well.

🖨3D printing can be a lengthy process, so although we do try and keep some in stock, some parts will still need to be printed and this can take some time depending on order size. We will notify you if there is any delay in shipping.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
I think these are great. I got the magnet...

I think these are great. I got the magnet tiles and they are super nice, and although the magnets aren't as strong as I thought they would be, you can still push around the entire set of tiles without them coming apart.

Pic is a quick visual using all the tiles and how a DM could use them. Pretty fun to just Jenga dungeons together.

Alana Mitchell
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Alana Mitchell
I love this ship. He was so kind and hell...

I love this ship. He was so kind and hell full. I had messaged him wanting to get some stairs because the sets I was getting didn't come with any. He was fast to respond and helped me find the stairs I wanted. I would 100 percent recommend this shop.

Wit Gleason
Truly one of the best experiences I've had...

Truly one of the best experiences I've had while shopping on Etsy, friendly, kind, and just a genuine good dude! I can not recommend this shop any more truly the best of the best. The product was great quality and delivery was incredibly fast if you're on the fence about this shop id say take the dive and get the 100 pc. Set my players absolutely love it. Exceeded all my expectations and I am definitely gonna be a repeat customer.