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Dragon Seekers Modular Weapons & Hands

Original price $7.10 - Original price $45.00
Original price
$7.10 - $45.00
Current price $45.00

The Dragon Seekers modular weapons & hands set created by Cast N Play! A whole package of shields, swords, spells, standalone weapons, spell books, everything you could need for your kitbashing needs! You will recieve one of everything in the first photo, a complete set of 60 items. All are scaled in their original size from the creator. We do not offer resizing of the weapons, but if you need a reference please let us know and we'll whip up a picture next to a model!

All our miniatures are printed on a tough and durable ABS like resin in either grey or white (depending on stock levels) which hold primer extremely well for painting.

Prices are based off of size of the model, amount of resin used, print time, and amount of time needed to clean and cure the model after. Orders of packs of mini's will be cheaper, as we can print more at once, reducing the time needed.

If you find a model you adore and want a bigger print for collecting/painting, please let me know and we can determine the perfect size for your use and get a custom listing made just for you!

🖨All orders are printed as they are received on Anycubic Photon Mono X 4k Printers.
-Some models will be separate pieces and need to be glued together.
-An adhesive like superglue would do the trick!

🖼 Images are stock 3D renderings, actual models will come printed in a grey or white Tough ABS-Like Resin for maximum durability.

🛠Assembly of models sometimes requires glue and minor sanding and filling. We will do our absolute best to clean the models and make it as easy as possible to assemble. Resin models print with a lot of support structure, so there should be the expectation that there will be minor abrasions, support marks, gaps etc, that may be present when assembling the models that would have to be filled if desired.

Officially Licensed to sell Cast N Play miniatures via their MyMiniFactory Tribe at:

Customer Reviews

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Good quality bits n pieces

Good quality bits n pieces

Très bonne qualité, impression détaillé et...

Très bonne qualité, impression détaillé et solide.

I am happy with this set. I received 96 i...

I am happy with this set. I received 96 items with 45 unique designs. The little dragon head in the middle is the only thing I don't see in my set :( Some are left and right hand versions that I count as one design. These are going to be a great asset in my kit bashing fun. Easy to use as they come with a hand attached. Ordered the day after Black Friday, and received right after Christmas, 1 week later than promised, but I don't blame the seller, just Canada Post, Customs, USPS, and Christmas. As usual, packaging was superb for damage-free delivery

I wanted some extra bits for kitbashing an...

I wanted some extra bits for kitbashing and these exceeded my expectations

Erik Kovacek
Was confused when I first opened the packa...

Was confused when I first opened the package, forgot I ordered some kit bashing sets.

Good quality