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DnD 20 Miniature Encounter Set - Darkness of the Lich Lord - Artisan Guild mini, D&D, Skeleton, Monster, Undead, Necromancer, Pathfinder

Original price $156.75 - Original price $183.12
Original price
$156.75 - $183.12
Current price $183.12

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Looking to pick up all the minis you need for a complete and unique dungeons and dragons or pathfinder encounter? This pack comes with 20 miniatures, and will give you everything you need for an undead themed campaign! Also makes a great wargaming army! Unleash this huge undead army upon your players and watch them be amazed.

This Set comes with:

12 Skutagaard Draugr - Skeleton miniatures on a 1" base - medium sized creatures in DnD / Pathfinder
4 Skutagaard Wraiths - Ghostly enemies on a 1" base - medium sized creatures in DnD / Pathfinder
1 Bodil the Wright - A female ghostl/banshee unique character on a 1" base - medium sized creature in DnD / Pathfinder
1 Baldur the Invincible - A unique male undead barbarian/warrior on a 1" base - medium sized creature in DnD / Pathfinder
1 King Skutagaard - A large and imposing undead king/lich, on a 2" base - large sized creature in DnD / Pathfinder
1 Thane Hulgrof the Drowned - A massive undead golem, on a 2" base - Large Sized creature in DnD / Pathfinder

1 Large Sarcophagus chest
Resin Bases for each model

All are printed in a tough ABS-Like resin, and available with or without their resin bases from their pictures.

Prices are based off of size of the model, amount of resin used, print time, and amount of time needed to clean and cure the model after. Orders of packs of mini's will be cheaper, as we can print more at once, reducing the time needed.

If you find a model you adore and want a bigger print for collecting/painting, please let me know and we can determine the perfect size for your use and get a custom listing made just for you!

๐Ÿ–จAll orders are printed as they are received on Anycubic Photon Mono Xs
-Some models will be separate pieces and need to be glued together.
-An adhesive like superglue would do the trick!

๐Ÿ–ผ Images are stock 3D renderings, actual models will come printed in a grey resin.

๐Ÿ› Assembly of models sometimes requires glue and minor sanding and filling. We will do our absolute best to clean the models and make it as easy as possible to assemble. Resin models print with a lot of support structure, so there should be the expectation that there will be minor abrasions, support marks, gaps etc, that may be present when assembling the models that would have to be filled if desired.

Please dont place the prints in your mouth, or let your kid eat them.

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