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Cantina Furniture | Resin Tabletop Terrain | Dungeons And Dragons | Painted Tabletop | Tabletop Modular Building Kit | Pathfinder

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🏡Looking to start or grow your collection of amazing 28mm scale tabletop scenery?

This Cantina Furniture set includes six different tables for indoor/outdoor use. Specifically the set contains: four different “set” tables and two “bare” tables as well as two different stools and a unique “stump chair”.

Contains a variety of tables and chairs for a cantina, tavern, inn, mess hall, etc… all printed in resin for amazing detail.

1. The Amazing Stump Chair
2. Stool A
3. Stool B
4. Round Table A
5. Round Table B
6. Round Table Base (included with each table, prints separately for easier shipping)
7. Round Table
8. Square Table A
9. Square Table B
10. Square Table C

Use these models as well as the Market Stalls, Cantina Furniture, and the Wightwood Abbey Peddlers’ Stalls to enhance your market scenes. All available on this store!

🖨3D printing can be a lengthy process, so although we do try and keep some in stock, some parts will still need to be printed and this can take some time depending on order size. We will notify you if there is any delay in shipping.

STL Files designed by Infinite Dimensions Games. Visit for other amazing tabletop scenery items!