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28 Greatgoblin mini set- Artisan Guild, DnD | Male | Female | Fighter | Barbarian | Hobgoblin, Pathfinder | Orc | Wargaming | Goblin | Pack

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$262.27 - $300.02
Current price $300.02

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⚔️ The complete set of Greatgoblin Miniatures from Artisan Guilds October 2023 Release!

28 Amazing and Unique Greatgoblins and owlbears:

12 Greatgoblin Footsoldiers
8 Greatgoblin Owlbear Riders
4 Owlbears
1 Greatgoblin Commander (Bolg)
1 Greatgoblin Berserker (Brutus)
1 Greatgoblin Pinup (Cassia)
1 Greatgoblin mounted on Chimera (Bolg on Chimera)

Available with or without their resin printed bases.

📐Based on 32mm scale, compatible with most popular TTRPGs such as Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder. Greatgoblins are 36mm from eye to foot, as they're slightly larger than a human. Picture provided shows a model compared to a standard 28mm mini.

💧Printed in a durable resin, these miniatures are cleaned, cured, and ready for the tabletop or for your paint station!

🎨These miniatures come unpainted.

📷 You may notice that some of our items for sale use renders instead of real printed items in the pictures. We try to replace the images with real photographs as the items sell. There is a huge amount of varied and fun terrain and miniatures being produced daily, more than anyone could physically print! We want to get these items available to you asap so you can have the newest amazing pieces on your tabletop as fast as possible. You can check some of our other listings to see print quality!

🧾 Officially Licensed to sell Vae Victis miniatures via their MyMiniFactory at

⚠️Warning: Choking Hazard – Small Parts. This product is not suitable for children under three (3) years old.

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